Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Solstice

Looking out the right window, the faint but visible northern lights are moving and changing as we progress northwest-bound into Canada. It's 11:00pm local time beneath us, somewhere over the northern reaches of North Dakota, but the sky is still bright. An hour earlier it was complete darkness, under cloudy skies as we departed Minneapolis with a "full boat" of Canadians and American tourists. The Captain gives the PA to the passengers, providing destination temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit... the Canadians will appreciate that, eh. Surprisingly, it's 20 degrees warmer than MSP. I'll take that.

The top picture was taken almost 45 minutes before the bottom one. It's playing tricks on my brain, getting brighter and brighter as the clock ticks later and later. My body thinks it's 1:00am (east coast) but my eyes are playing tricks on me. The bright sky is helping chase away thoughts of sleep... or maybe it's the tall coffee sitting in my cup holder. Or both.

Half an hour till touch down, on the longest day of the year....

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